Monday, 17 February 2014


Our goal of this charity is to help provide the citizens of Christian Pen Gregory Park with better roads to travel on a daily basis because we are unable to resolve this situation by ourselves and a reluctant government. We have exhausted a lot of options in making this dream a reality so we decided to come up with this charity to aid us.

This campaign as a lot in store for potential donors across the island and hopefully the world. We thought of creating this blog to interact with our followers of this campaign and provide a environment to express their concerns and comments. We are not like other campaigns we seek to communicate and reach in the homes as if we were right there beside you, informing and giving daily updates of our progress in reaching over goal.

With the creation of this blog along with the website, we believe that these will assist us in reaching a larger audience. Thank god to globalization we can receive donation from almost anywhere in the world which will allow us to complete our goal faster.